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Stephy Lee

Mental Health Awareness Singer/Songwriter

Against all odds

After almost losing her legs the doctors told her it would take 2 years before she would walk again. Well, not only was she walking in less than a year but she wrote and released an entire album about her experience titled: "I Hope We All Make It".

Check out her music video "Hello"

She turned her tragedy into her message.

This Music Video, I Am A Warrior, shows a glimpse of her recovery process.

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About Stephy Lee

Stephy Lee is a multidimensional Puerto Rican artist that uses her music to create a safe space and to empower people recovering from tragic experiences or struggling with mental illness. She almost lost her life in a tragic accident in 2021 that took the life of her producer, and now she has a message to share.

In this short documentary, Stephy relives her experience early in the recovery process.

This is a miracle story about a time that should have been the start of her greatest career moment and ends up being the birth of her biggest challenge.


WARNING: Sensitive Content Ahead

Stephy Lee Mini-Documentary
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Album: I Hope We All Make It

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